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Brad Strickland was born in Oklahoma City, Okla. He is the founder and CEO of BoMoSo. He is one of the top creative thinkers in the world.​


At the age of 10 he paid the country of Haiti his second visit. This was to spend Christmas with his grandparents.

At age 14 Brad drew his first set of house plans. On his bike, he went to city hall and pulled the building permit.

At age 17 he poured concrete for the people of Hauna Village in Papua New Guinea.

After 4 years of being a busboy, Brad paid cash for his first house at the age of 20.​


Brad has had a 30 year career in bricks and sticks. This means architecture. But along the way a few unique accomplishments in designing and producing video games. magazines, art, and toys.


Challenged in school with severe dyslexia, Brad was able to receive his associates degree in just 13 short years. Simply due to failing English 4 times. Ultimately learning later from pre employment testing that his level of spatial understanding exceeded genius.


He is an aggressive resource for strategy, motivation, and purpose. He is available to everyone through his involvements with his design firm and entertainment company, and his real estate show

"The Power of Paint."


Brad was blessed with boundless motivation that he shares endlessly. He has dedicated himself to inspiring the best out of everyone. Through his efforts Brad has appeared on television and consulted with celebrities. His clients have included large companies and nonprofits. His entrepreneurial philosophy of “What IF?” permeates throughout all of his talks and speeches.​

To have Brad speak at your next event.... Just call him.   832-488-7746


Cover of BoMoSo magazine, book of plans

BoMoSo 01 is the first book of plans from Brad.  All designed to be mobile tiny homes.

The journey from "unteachable" to documented 3D genius.

Dyslexia won the first years.  But when I learned what Albert Eistien ment when he said,

"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."


Cover of Find your Swim by BoMoSo Brad Strickland